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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi there, I'm Nicholas Francis founder and CEO of millionaire insight. I'm deeply honored that you came to my site today. A little bit about my journey, I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and from a tender age I had aspirations I'm becoming more than my surroundings. Don't get me wrong Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful twin island nation that I love with all my heart; however some of life's current advantages were not available to me in my homeland. I always knew in my heart the God had a special plan for my life! To reach people for his glory and to help people get to a better place in life. Making the journey to the United States, I was filled with so much hope of the possibilities to come and even though I was 14 years old I had Big Dreams! Today over 20 years later, I'm blessed to say that I am able to help thousands of people believe in the big dreams that they have. Some of the greatest Joys that I have, being a father, being a husband, and being a business owner there's not just a testament of God's grace but of his sovereignty and purpose in my life! And it is my hope that I can help you find your purpose and fulfill your dreams! I pray you enjoy your time here, and that God uses me to lead you closer to him. Also that he will expand your borders and that his will will be done in your life. Until next time, live life, love God! See you when I see you... Peace!

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